Hello, my name is Raghav Kukreti and I am a freelance web developer and designer. I specialise in creating simple, elegant and responsive websites using scalable and robust technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and a sprinkle of jQuery. I also do branding. See my Work.

If you are in need of my services, you can Contact me and I will try to whip up something great for you!

My Work

Some of the stuff I made


Responsive, Framework & Typography

This is a frameworvk which I made to assist in front-end web design. It has a flat color pallete, responsive images and simple type. It was built using the powers of SASS and HTML5, keeping in mind to provide the user with a hassle free coding experience.

Check out the code at GitHub


Responsive, Website & Flat

This is te website for a graphic oriented magazine, Inkspire. The colours are flat and it follows a responsive baseline.

Launch the website

More in progress!

Contact Me

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