Drona Drone

The revolution in Drone technology.

Packing the most advanced levels of bhakti & technology

Handcrafted at the Pandava’s top secret headquarters with the finest materials, the Drona Drone is a revolutionary product made from equal amounts of maa ka aashirwad and the latest technology. A perfect companion for decimating the enemy or making fun home movies

The developer preview will be unvieled at the KWDC on the 12th of December.

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Such tech. Many bhakt

Sudharshan Rotors

The Drona Drone is not ordinary. Along with Alok Nath’s blessings, it comes with Krishna’s Sudharshan chakra as its rotors. Proving to be twice as fast and robust as the earlier plastic rotors, they come with 2 free packs of prashad as fuel.

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such awe. many divine

Adaptable Cortex

The Drona Drone has an intelligent "brain" which has learnt the art of war from the techniques of greats like Sun Tzu, Parashuram and Kamaal R Khan. The BhaktBrain®, is an amalgamation of +12 hours of prayers facing the east while our tech team tried decimating coconuts with the BhaktLazer®

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Much interest. such beauty


The Drona Drone has a vast array of weaponary built for quickly reducing any structure’s population to zero. It comes bundled with a BhaktLazer® and homing RamJets®. The laser discharges 1 billion kW of puja.

Detailed specifications to be realeased at the KWDC.

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